Would you believe it but Rosie Thistle’s actually started out as a Tearoom in 2009 and lived on until 2015...... and I do hear myself saying. ‘I had a Tearoom’. But have to be careful of sounding like the opening scene from ‘Out of Africa’. I love the Rosie Thistle's name it’s personal, soothing, comforting, happy and bright and that’s why I have chosen to use it again for my Interior Design Services. 


At Rosie Thistle we offer a personal and flexible consultation process to help you navigate the trends, giving you the freedom and confidence to choose a design style which is right for you and your space. 


Grace Kinsella is Fully Accredited with The British Academy of  Interior Design, and has many years experience designing both residential and small commercial projects.  Our Project Gallery is still under construction but have a look at the photos that are there.


Rosie Thistle Interior Design

e: grace@rosiethistles.com

m: 07803281980

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